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We only use non-irritant, eco-friendly EPA approved disinfecting solutions

Commercial / Residential Services

Give your team and community the peace of a safe & healthy environment


1-Min Dry

Licensed & Insured

Hospital Grade 


Family & Pets

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A Safer and Healthier Environment Starts with Us

During this unprecedented time, businesses and offices are looking for ways to keep their team safe and continue to work.  For those essential businesses, We can offer daily, bi-weekly, weekly and semi-weekly professional sanitizing and disinfecting schedules

One way to keep your work environment safe is to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis.  We use the most effective way to disinfect by using an new age tech sprayer.  This process ensures that the disinfectant is applied evenly and will even wrap around surfaces, unlike a fogging disinfectant process.

We also uses strong, hospital grade disinfectants that are also safe and are approved to be used on food-grade prep surfaces.  This process will rid your office and factory of germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to eliminate 99.99% of the contaminates that our products come in contact with. Service options include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning and sanitizing

  • Complete wipe down of all exposed surfaces with a cleaner and disinfectant

  • Technologically advanced sanitizing process on all surfaces and touch points

  • Optional: Regularly scheduled office sanitizing visits


Contact us today to learn more about our sanitizing services that will make your office and business healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

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About One Shot One Kill

We’re a RGV based cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting company that provides residential, commercial, and auto services in the Rio Grande Valley. Our Specialists will show up fully equipped with suits, mask, goggles and our potent but eco friendly products to leave everything completely disinfected. Killing viruses and bacteria. Contact us TODAY for your  FREE QOUTE!

  • Are your products organic?
    YES! The product, unlike other disinfectants on the market, dissolve in 1 minute and are totally safe you humans and surfaces.
  • Safe for pets and children?
    Obsolutley! Our Sanitizing process is safe and effective. Powerful enough to destroy 99.99% of germs and viruses and considered food safe by the EPA
  • Safe for all types of surfaces?
    Yes! Our hospital-grade products are proven to kill over 99.99% of the EPA’s designated test for broad-spectrum microorganisms. Most importantly, these disinfectants are safe, natural and powerful!
  • Do your treatments last longer than a week?
    YES! Our anti-microbial sanitizing and disinfecting treatments are long lasting, leaving the treated area disinfected and protected. Safe, easy application and affordable.
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They are one of the most professional and thorough companies out there! Super friendly, easy to work with, and incredibly fast.
They cleaned our Facilities, sanitized with proficiency, and gave us one of the most fair deal compared to some other competitors.
Our team feels safe to work again.

- Gerry

She was simply amazing, on time, respectful, considerate and aggressive when it came to sanitizing my house from top to bottom!!!!! Not only was the job complete in a timely manner but she also provided a sense of relief with her extensive knowledge and the work she completed in my house.

- Sarah

I had my salon cleaned and sanitized before we were able to reopen back on May 24th. Very professional and thorough. Definitely should use this service to provide a safe and clean place for your clients. Will be doing another service real soon!!

- Thomas

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